About White Sulphur Springs

White Sulphur Springs is OCF’s Eastern Conference Center located in the foothills of the Alleghenies near Bedford, PA. God is using White Sulphur Springs to bring biblical truth into the lives of active-duty and retired military individuals and families. Teaching, discussions, fun and challenging activities, balanced with prayer, fellowship, and quiet reflection are all facets of the ministry. Activities at WSS include:

  • Summer, winter camps
  • Specialized programs: Allegheny Outback!, Junior AO!, Youth/Parent Adventure weekend, and Camp Caleb
  • Retreats: ROTC, USMA, USNA, OCF groups, chaplains, regional churches
  • Bed and Breakfast program

White Sulphur Springs director couple

LTC Paul and Dawn Robyn, USA (Ret.)

After graduation from West Point in 1992, Paul served on active duty in the Army as a Field Artillery officer and Strategic Planner for 20 years. He and Dawn have served as the Director Couple at White Sulphur Springs since April of 2014.

Paul and Dawn met at the OCF Fellowship House at West Point and were active in OCF local fellowships throughout their time on active duty. Both Paul and Dawn enjoyed many ministry opportunities with OCF over the years including teaching, hospitality, counseling, discipleship, and leading worship. OCF was a blessing in their lives for many years—fellowship, teaching, and encouragement at OCF local Bible studies as well as physical and spiritual refreshment at White Sulphur Springs.

Paul and Dawn married in June 1992 and were blessed with five daughters: Meredith, Emily, Abby, Anna, and Joy. The blessings have continued as they’ve added two sons-in-law, Michael Chandler (married to Meredith) and Cory Creswell (married to Emily), and 3 grandchildren (Adelaide and Taran Chandler, and Lucy Creswell) to the family.

Paul and Dawn invite you to visit White Sulphur Springs for yourselves to experience firsthand why so many have come to call WSS a “home-away-from-home.”