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Click here to see Gary Sinise talk about Project AfghanistanView actor Gary Sinise (CSI:NY, Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump, Apollo 13) on the Bonnie Hunt show talking about his participation in an Afghanistan outreach.

OCF member Bob Teetsel, who had been the subject of an outreach-while-deployed article in the March 2008 Connected, saw a picture of OCF member CH(CPT) Steve Satterfield in the October 2009 CONNECTED, at an outreach in Afghanistan.

COL Teetsel contacted CH Satterfield and Operation Iraqi Children (OIC), which was established by Sinise, School supplies, clothes, shoes, etc., were sent to Afghanistan.

SPC William Seo, an OCFer who started Project Help Afghanistan while deployed, was sent those supplies and he invited Sinise to be a part of the distribution.

Pictures–with SPC Seo in a couple of them–from that November 2009 outreach, are shown as Sinise talks to Bonnie Hunt on her TV show.