Last Updated on June 23, 2018 by OCF Communications

by Col Larry Simpson, USAF (Ret.)

“‘Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit’ says the Lord almighty” (Zechariah 4:6).

As leaders, in our zeal to do and accomplish, how closely do we follow God’s divine guidance? Yes, we should have passion for our work, and we should strive to do things in community with others, but does our agenda cloud our thinking?

The desire of the children of Israel, returning home after seventy years of exile, was to see the temple rebuilt. As far as Israel was concerned, restoration of the temple was job one-a goal which the governmental heads and the spiritual leadership were willing to cooperate to achieve.

Despite man’s best intentions and even focused passion, we are reminded that God has a divine perspective: not by might, nor by power, but by His power. So where do we, in our leadership zeal, draw the line when it comes to pushing our own agenda or totally acquiescing to God’s divine plan? Are we convinced that God has a plan, or do we “head fake” God by developing our own plan then devoutly asking His blessing? The Lord’s comment to Zechariah gives me pause to consider my motives in service.

Consider the following with me as we purpose to serve God on His terms:

  • Prayerfully distinguish your will from the Father’s will, then quickly close the door on your fleshly desire.
  • Realize that every good plan is not God’s plan. Through His Spirit, the Father guides our actions, equipping us to live out our purpose to His glory.
  • Ask God to help you maintain sight and respect for His plans so that you will be fitted for noble, eternal purposes.
  • Worship God appropriately. May our service in His name be a spiritual act of worship. Then, when the Lord redirects our zealous labor, we will be at complete peace with His actions. 

Every day is a good time for a reality check.