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Episode 009 show notes

In this episode, we chat with 1LT Ryan Menicucci, USA, about what it takes to be a leader that God can use. The context for the conversation comes from a weekend ROTC retreat at OCF’s White Sulphur Springs Conference Center in 2017. 1LT Menicucci recalls three important lessons learned that weekend: We must have faith in something that is worthy of our faith; we must know who we are in Christ; and we must be prepared to fight the good fight, as we engage in spiritual warfare. You can also read his full article here.

  • [1:15] Ryan shares some of his story…where he’s from, military background, and involvement with OCF.
  • [3:00] If you are in the Fort Bragg area, reach out to Jeff and Paige Robinson.
  • [4:36] Ryan shares insights to the ROTC retreat he attended at WSS in 2017 as well as the impact the message had on him.
  • [6:55] What you put your faith in. CH Bowlus used an airborne analogy and this really resonated with Ryan.
  • [8:02] What airborne school taught him about faith.
  • [9:03] What he’s learned about his time as a leader thus far, and how faith is integral to leadership.
  • [10:17] Obstacles to faith, or things that pull you away from faith. Ryan unpacks two big ideas that he’s seen. The first is having too much free time. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s important for young leaders to learn how to manage that free time for God’s glory when it comes their way. The second obstacle is busyness. The hectic pace, heavy workload, and busy hours give the illusion that a person doesn’t have time for Christ.
  • [12:50] The importance of Christian identity and its relation to leadership. When you’re in a leadership position, and you know who you are in Christ, that lifts a burden from having to worry about performing for others or worrying about your career progression. Whatever we do, should be done for the Lord, and not for men.
  • [14:34] Our identity is rooted in four questions: Who is God, who is my master (or Master), who am I, and what am I going to do about it?
  • [17:05] How identity can affect transition from the military. A reference to Crosspoint’s interview with LT James Rader, USCG, in episode 2: “Making sure your identity isn’t in your profession is very important. Your outlook every day should be that you are a child of God and an ambassador. It’s a privilege and I love what I do. More and more I’m trying not to place my identity in what I do.”
  • [19:10] Spiritual warfare. How his time on GRF rotation relates to our spiritual readiness.
  • [21:33] Putting it all together. How all three components comprise a leader that God can use.
  • [23:52] Young officer: Leader development is up to you. You’ll make mistakes and bad decisions, but be assured of your identity in Christ. Your mistakes are irrelevant to God.
  • [25:38] Scripture that has influenced Ryan: Deuteronomy and Leviticus are among his favorite books of the Bible. What business does a holy God have with an unholy people that he knew would rebel against Him?
  • [28:04] Other books that have influenced him. A variety of history books, to include Lee’s Lieutenants as a set of books that has been impactful in his career.

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“Fear the LORD your God and serve him. Hold fast to him and take your oaths in his name” (Deuteronomy 10:20).

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