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Show notes

In this episode, COL Doug Mastriano, USA (Ret.), and his wife, Rebbie, share their story of prayers that changed the course of history, which takes place during his deployment to the Middle East during the first Gulf War in the early 1990s.

You’ll hear the unique juxtaposition of the spiritual warfare being fought by Rebbie on the home front, and the outcomes of her prayers and the prayers of so many others on the battlefield where Doug was fighting.

Conversation Outline

  • [3:01] The story of how Doug met Rebbie.
  • [5:17] The fall of Soviet Communism and Doug’s time in Germany.
  • [6:51] Rebbie tells of evacuation drills in Germany, which included bad news for her cats.
  • [7:57] As the Cold War ends, news of tanks entering Kuwait City hits the airwaves.
  • [9:26] The role of prayer in the Mastrianos’ marriage.
  • [10:47] Lamenting the lack of prayer in our nation and government.
  • [12:16] Upon Doug’s deployment to the Middle East, Rebbie prays for guidance on where to go.
  • [13:46] Spiritual warfare begins, as the Enemy sows seeds of doubt and discouragement.
  • [15:07] Rebbie begins gathering friends to help pray for the troops.
  • [17:19] Doug’s unit prepares for war as troops gather in Saudi Arabia and prayer warriors pray back home.
  • [19:50] The military orders 10,000 body bags as they prepare for casualties the could be caused by chemical warfare.
  • [21:04] A sudden shift in the winds and what this means.
  • [23:14] Luck or God’s blessing and protection as U.S. troops face the Republican Guard?
  • [25:55] Rebbie’s letters share the good news of all the prayer warriors in America.
  • [27:24] Doors are opened for a chance to witness to others as God continues to move on the battlefield.
  • [29:40] Squadron commander recognizes the providence of God and Doug’s faith.
  • [31:19] The Battle of 73rd Easting.
  • [33:07] Easter in Ur.
  • [34:05] Rebbie describes the uncertainty of being on the home front, and fear of the unknown.
  • [37:22] CPL Trump and protection along the perimeter.
  • [39:23] Rebbie’s advice for those on the home front today, which includes finding a core group of believers who will pray with you. (see Episode 13 on the importance of developing a support system).
  • [40:51] Doug’s advice for believers who are deployed—take your faith seriously.
  • [43:21] What happens when it appears prayers have gone unanswered.
  • [45:13] The legacy of British Captain Hedley Vicars, prayers that seemingly were unanswered, and how Vicars’ life changed the course of American history through the life of Oliver Otis Howard.

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