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Episode 26 show notes

This episode kicks off OCF’s 75th anniversary. You can learn more about OCF past, present, and future by visiting our 75th anniversary page. We’re going to spend all of 2019 celebrating OCF, commemorating the faithful work of previous generations, and looking forward with great anticipation to how God has positioned OCF to realize its vision of the military community positively impacted through Christlike leaders.

Here to discuss OCF’s 75 years are a special round-table panel of guests: Brigadier General David Warner, USAF (Ret.), Lieutenant Colonel Kate Toms, USAF, Lieutenant Colonel Colin Wooten, USA (Ret.), and Captain Dan Abney, USMC.

Conversation outline

[2:30] Introducing our special round-table panel of guests

[2:53] Brigadier General David Warner, USAF retired, OCF executive director

[3:47] Lieutenant Colonel Colin Wooten, USA retired, OCF field staff rep at USMA

[4:49] Lieutenant Colonel Kate Toms, USAF, former OCF Council member, teaches philosophy at US Air Force Academy

[6:12] Captain Dan Abney, USMC, OCF member and V-22 pilot stationed at MCAS Miramar

[7:15] A discussion of OCF past. Are there some moments or people in OCF history that God used to help set the foundation for where OCF is today and to help prepare the way for the next 75 years?

[15:47] A discussion of OCF present (stories of impact from within the past few years). When you take a look at OCF today, what do you see?

[35:20] A discussion of OCF future—looking at the trajectory that OCF is on. Where do you see OCF going? How do you see God preparing OCF for the next 75 years?

[49:55] Closing thoughts from the panel.

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