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Episode 027 show notes

Today’s guest is LTC Todd Plotner, USA (Ret.). Back in 2013 when he was the Army ROTC Professor of Military Science at Washington State University, he wrote an article titled “Four Lessons In Leadership for Young Warriors.” As the title implies, Colonel Plotner wrote the article with the ROTC and young officer crowd in mind.

Since our conversation will focus on the ROTC, here are four upcoming ROTC events in February and March.

  • 1-3 February: OCF-Valor Eastern ROTC Retreat at White Sulphur Springs Conference Center
  • 15-17 February: OCF Front Range ROTC Retreat at Spring Canyon Conference Center
  • 15-17 February: Midwest OCF-Valor ROTC Retreat at Pine Lake Camps in Eldora, Iowa
  • 15-17 March: Southeastern ROTC Conference at Keystone Camp, located in Stark, Florida

You can register for these retreats and find more information about OCF’s ROTC Ministry on the OCF ROTC page.

Conversation Outline

[2:14] Tell us a little more about yourself.

[4:44] If we went back in time to when you commissioned, there were probably some leadership lessons you hadn’t learned yet, right?

[12:34] What struck you about the life of King David as it pertains to leadership…specifically with the young officer in mind?

[14:05] So what’s the first leadership lesson?

[18:54] What are some of the barriers that keep people from getting involved with a small group fellowship with other believers?

Fellowship is a big part of what we do. It’s in our name. If you need help locating a group near you, if you want to start a group, or if you just want to get connected to another OCF member in your area, you can do any of those things by contacting Laura in our Member Services department, or visiting the OCF Group Directory.

[19:56] What’s the second leadership lesson?

For a deeper dive into the Oath of Office, be sure to check out Crosspoint episode 8, when we interviewed Col Dick Toliver, USAF (Ret.), who described those four words as a sacred covenant—an acknowledgment that you are depending on God to help you faithfully carry out your duties in all areas of your life and service.

[23:52] Tell us more about the third leadership lesson.

[28:32] There’s a sense that your work, or how you work, can also be your worship… and in turn, your testimony to those around you. Would say that’s been true in your life?

[29:25] That takes us to the fourth leadership lesson—don’t complain.

[33:23] What one book would you pull off your shelf and have a young officer read if they really wanted to do a deep dive into our topic from today?

[36:36] Is there a final word of advice or encouragement you’d offer to young officers and those in ROTC?

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