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Episode 31 show notes

Major Derrick Brown and Major Will MacKenzie, USA, who were guests on episode 31 of OCF CrosspointMajor Derek Brown and Major Will MacKenzie, USA, discuss several topics during their conversation with LTC Colin Wooten, USA.—friendship, being a Christian in the military and killing an enemy combatant, serving in the military as Christians, and what it means to actively live out your faith and integrate your faith in all areas of life.

What we talked about

1:23, LTC Wooten talks about how he first met Majors Brown and MacKenzie, what he finds compelling about their stories, and in turn, who might benefit most from hearing their stories.

“How do you do the Bible as a warfighter?” —LTC Wooten

2:15, Will MacKenzie introduction.

3:16, Derrick Brown introduction.

4:28, Duo starts sharing their story about friendship, which started during their time together at West Point.

“Our friendship has a great balance of fellowship and accountability.” —MAJ MacKenzie

9:52, A discussion on killing and ethics in combat.

12:12, Further reconciling biblical principles on killing with service to country, specifically when called upon to kill an enemy combatant.

16:24, How do Christians approach killing in the context of warfare?

17:48, A reading of Philippians 3:7-9.

18:29, The conversation shifts to living out your faith while serving in arms (and in light of the verses from Philippians 3).

“If we delight in God, the desires of our heart will change.” —MAJ MacKenzie

21:30, The challenge of being content in Christ vs seeking affirmation for the job you’re doing.

25:41, What happens when your priorities are out of whack? A few personal examples.

28:41, Derrick shares the struggles he and his wife faced getting pregnant, and of the several miscarriages they experienced.

31:28, A discussion of how to integrate faith, family, and profession.

35:50, The importance of community for the Christian serving in the military (this topic was discussed in episode 13)

36:41, Final advice for cadets, miss, and future junior officers.

“Some of the most effective leaders don’t have to tell you they’re in charge. They’re humble and they care for their people.” —MAJ Brown

41:14, What does LTC Wooten hope listeners take away from the conversation?

Resources mentioned this episode

“Two Wars,” by Nate Self (Amazon, not an affiliate link)

“May A Christian Serve in The Military?” by LTG William K. Harrison, Jr., USA. You can also contact the Home Office to request a free print copy of the booklet. Just call 800-424-1984 and mention that you heard about the booklet on the OCF Crosspoint podcast.

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