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Episode 32 show notes

In this episode, we chat with Commander Brian Haggerty, USN, and he’s going to talk about biblical leadership using the analogy of tools you might find in a toolbox. These tools are based on an article Commander Haggerty wrote for Command magazine a few years ago.

In that article, he talked about 9 tools that a Christian officer can reasonably draw upon while serving in uniform, but today, we’re going to focus on Commander Haggerty’s top 3 tools from that toolbox.

Commander Haggerty will also recount some of the Christlike leaders who have influenced him in his career, and he’ll share a story of how he had a positive influence on those serving with him and above him when he was a junior officer.

What we talked about

1:49, Commander Haggerty’s story and some of the people who have made an impact in his life.

5:05, When you hear that someone is a “good” leader or displays good leadership, what does that mean to you? What words or attributes immediately come to mind?

6:00, When you hear the phrase Christlike leader or Christlike leadership, what attributes come to mind?

6:58, Tell me about a time when you were under the leadership of someone whom you would describe as a Christlike leader.

8:09, How did you come up with that list of 9 tools that you wrote about in Command, and where did the idea of having a toolbox come from?

9:40, If you could only select three of the nine tools, which 3 would you pick?

10:37, Tool number one: Be Ready. Why that tool? What’s the story behind that one? Commander Haggerty relates a time when he wasn’t ready when someone asked him about what makes him different.

“The recognition of difference provides an opportunity for discussion.”

12:47, It all starts with our behavior and the actions that others see.

13:29, Tool number two: Take a Mission Trip. Why that tool? What’s the story behind that one? Commander Haggerty shares a story of a believer from a developing country whose testimony impacted him.

15:32, Tool number three: Provide Alternatives. Why that tool? What’s the story behind that one? Commander Haggerty shares a couple stories: one about how he stood his ground during some proposed “liberty activities,” and another about how he provided alternate reading material for the racks in the submarine heads.

18:07, Commander Haggerty talks about the importance of being intentional in your faith and how you live your life as a believer.

19:31, For our listeners—both the young, up and coming leaders, and those who have been in well-established leadership roles for a while—what’s the practical application of these 3 tools in every day?

20:08, If listeners were going to take away only one thing from our conversation, what would you hope it would be?

“We are ambassadors for Christ in uniform.”

20:51, For those listeners who are avid readers, who might be looking for a new book to add to their reading list, or who just need to fill some empty space on a bookshelf, what are some books you’d recommend?

Lee Strobel, The Case for Christ
Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken
Unbroken two-movie collection

22:50, Commander Haggerty offers some final thoughts.

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