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Show Notes:

For the finale of our three-part series on leadership, Brig Gen Robert “Gwyn” Armfield, USAF (Ret.), former OCF executive director Lt Gen Bruce Fister, USAF (Ret.), and current OCF executive director Col Scott Fisher, USAF (Ret.) discuss how to navigate matters of conscience–circumstances where your job and your faith seem to be at odds.

Gwyn, Bruce, and Scott begin this conversation by referencing scripture to shape the way we approach such circumstances, serving as a “biblical blueprint” of sorts. Speaking from personal experiences and conversations with friends of all ages, they remind us not be surprised by the tensions we see around us today, but rather to look back and learn from past examples regarding matters of conscience. Above all and in all things, these leaders exhort us to keep Christ at the center of the challenging choices that are sure to come.

In today’s episode, Scott mentions OCF’s Pray-Discover-Obey model, which we invite you to use as a means to be still before God and ask Him for wisdom and direction before future actions are planned out. For an additional resource on the topics we covered throughout this three-part series, consider ordering Gwyn and Bruce’s recently released book, Lead to Serve and Serve to Lead: Leading Well in Turbulent Times.

If you would like to share your own story, complete the form on OCF’s “Be a Guest” webpage. Alternatively, if you have an idea for a guest or topic I should consider for a future episode of the show, send an email to [email protected].

As you listen to this conversation with Gwyn, Bruce, and Scott, here are a few questions to ponder in your personal time, with a small group, or with a mentor:

  1. When was a time you found your job to be at odds with your faith, and how did you handle it?
  2. Scott quotes John Stonestreet: “Too many believers right now are interested in making a point rather than making an influence.” How might that quote shape how you navigate tensions between your job and your faith?
  3. Bruce then refers to Matthew 22:37-38. What practical ways can you weave Jesus’ commands into your service in uniform?
  4. What other Bible passages come to mind when Gwyn, Bruce, and Scott discuss verses that can shape our framework for navigating tensions like the ones described?
  5. What can we learn from Daniel’s example of serving in environments where we might be asked to do things that don’t align with our faith?

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