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Episode 25 show notes

In this episode of Crosspoint, we talk about deployment and tactics for dealing with this season of life when your spouse is deployed.

Kori Yates is our guest for this show, and she’s had her share of deployments and the ups and downs that come with each one. She’s here to share her story of being the homefront spouse, as well as her insights on what God taught her along the way. Kori is also the director of a ministry to military women called Planting Roots.

We also have a book giveaway. The book we’re giving away this episode is a 6-week Bible study on Galatians 5—written by military women for military women. We have one copy of “Beyond Brave,” by Andrea Plotner, and it’s a copy signed by members of the Planting Roots team. If you’d like to enter the drawing for this Bible study, send an email to [email protected]. You can also comment below.

To buy a copy or get more information about Beyond Brave, click here (not an affiliate link). 

Because we have two big holidays to get through, we’ll keep the contest open until January 7.

Conversation Outline

[3:23] An introduction from Kori Yates.

[3:49] The story of Kori and her husband, Kyle.

[4:43] What was it like when your first deployment as a married couple came up?

[5:51] Kori shares her experience with seeing military life as a joint calling, which is the topic of Episode 24.

[7:09] The first things that come to mind when the words challenge and deployment are used in the same sentence.

[8:28] Some of the challenges she and Kyle faced in their most recent deployment.

[11:04] Some practical application based on Kori’s experiences—taken from a blog post she wrote titled Four Ways To Tackle Deployment.

[15:03] Deployments are not a kink in the plan for us…they are a part of God’s plan for our lives.

[17:22] How important support groups and people have been during Kyle’s deployments and TDY. Be sure to check out episode 13, which focuses on developing support systems for military families.

[22:01] Give yourself some grace during a deployment.

[24:04] Words of encouragement to those in the middle of a difficult deployment or who are about to go through a deployment.

[24:52] Kori shares the story of Planting Roots.

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