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We hope your OCF participation will extend beyond the few years one spends in uniformed service. We are constantly seeking to connect men and women serving, and who have served, for the rest of their lives according to their gifts and capacities. Once you have connected and met one another, we want you to keep getting together to help stir one another toward effective stewardship to the end of your days.

What support does OCF offer for retired or separated military members transitioning to civilian life?

  • Your own transition from military to civilian life is a great time to have someone mentor you through such a big change, and one of countless OCF members who have retired or separated before you would make a great mentor. Learn more at
  • An article on our website features Maj Gen Pete Peterson, USAF (Ret.), who is an OCF member and a transition coach with Caleb Challenge, a Christian organization that comes alongside transitioning military leaders. Read the article
  • OCF is an approved organization with the DOD SkillBridge program. Separating service members now have the opportunity to intern for up to 6 months with OCF while still receiving their full military pay and allowances. Learn more here
  • Follow us on LinkedIn as we share resources and opportunities that might be helpful in the midst of a career transition. Click here to follow us

Can I still participate in OCF events if I am no longer in active duty?

Absolutely! You have great opportunities ahead of you both to be blessed and to be a blessing to others in the military community. God can powerfully use you, your career experiences (good and bad), and your wealth of spiritual lessons learned to impact the next generation for Christ.

Are there any financial obligations or dues associated with joining and/or being involved with OCF?

No, we do not charge a fee to become a member and/or hold a leadership role within OCF. That said, OCF is sustained financially primarily by the donations and support of our members. It takes millions of annual dollars to run the whole of OCF ministry, hire staff, maintain more than 70 facilities owned across six states, support Strategic and Operational plans for outreach to, and fellowship in, the military community, and to operate two conference centers.

How can I partner with OCF financially?

The ministry of OCF depends on financial gifts from ministry partners like you. In response to the Lord’s graciousness to us, you can give back a portion of His blessings in one of several ways.

You can donate here, and you may be in a position to provide financial support to OCF beyond the checkbook. Navigate to to access free resources that uncover ways to give to OCF other than cash, based on your stage of life and assets. For example, if you are at the age where you have Required Minimum Distribution of your IRA, you can give to OCF and receive the double benefit of avoiding taxes on the withdrawal and increase your charitable contribution deduction.

Please pray about you might consider financially supporting the work of OCF on a regular basis. Learn more at

How can I stay connected with other OCF members near me after leaving the military?

In addition to the ways mentioned in the Shambachs’ article, find an OCF small group near you by visiting our online directory. If there isn’t a group near you, contact the OCF Home Office (303-761-1984) to see if other OCFers might be near your location, and then you can contact those individuals about starting an OCF group together.

I’m no longer on active duty, and I don’t live near a military base, OCFers, and/or a ROTC detachment. How can I still be involved in OCF ministry?

  • Prayer is a vital means of involvement accessible from anywhere. You can download the Power in Prayer newsletter each month or sign up to receive that newsletter via email for OCF-oriented prayer requests. Learn more at
  • Volunteer via one of our remote openings. OCF’s volunteer needs are constantly evolving, but there are often roles such as those of the copy-typist and transcriptionist that can be done from home. Learn more at
  • Share your story and experiences via one of our communications channels, such as Crosspoint podcast, Connected newsletter, an online article, and more. Visit or contact [email protected]
  • Christian mentoring is one powerful means of growing disciples of Christ in the military. You can become a mentor and make an impact on a younger officer by meeting over the phone, Zoom, etc. Learn more at

How can I as a retired or separated member balance/integrate OCF involvement with commitment to the local church?

Establish a relationship with your local church staff and see if the church would recognize your OCF group as part of their military outreach, if they would set up volunteer teams to assist PCS transitions, and more. Learn more at

5 practical ways to serve through OCF: We encourage veterans to consider how they can make an impact on the lives of those still serving our country. Look around, pray, and ask God how you can benefit the military through your involvement.