About Hous Waring

Hous and Tami, both graduates of the Air Force Academy, served as Christ’s ambassadors in the military community for 25 years. Early in their marriage, they wrote down a vision statement that helped frame family priorities, commitments, and decisions involved in the raising of 9 children. Each Waring child considered OCF’s conference centers as types of home. Now grandparents, the Warings serve as OCF’s Director of Field Engagement. View our summer video series

One question will shape how you view what freedom means

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Does God really exist? Our answer to that question shapes how we think about freedom. After all, if He does not exist, then we are free to pursue as much self-gratification as possible before death. However, Christians recognize that freedom means we have freedom from fear of judgment as we seek to glorify Him and gladly submit as servants of Christ.

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