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Parents and teens (ages 10-14): Saddle up for a weekend of extended, adventurous trail rides, and learn horsemanship skills along the way! Our wranglers will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about horses, from anatomy to tacking to feeding and more. Make sure you pack closed-toed shoes and long pants for this program!

Weekend Cost: $350/pair


Parent/Teen Combo for all expenses (meals included)

Advanced Horse Lesson Option- Are you more advanced in your horsemanship? We have an option for you to select a more advanced option for your initial lesson. Our wranglers will help you get to the next level. You must have prior riding experience, be comfortable grooming and tacking and be ready to move with more maneuverability and speed. Our staff will contact you prior to the event. Cost – $50

Glamping Option (Horse Adventure Weekend Only): While the bulk of each weekend’s programming takes place outside and most weekends’ default lodging location is Camp Caleb Basecamp or Outpost, Horse Adventure Weekend participants have the option to request our glamping option to sleep in one of our hotel rooms on a space available basis. Hotel guest rooms have private bathrooms and showers for a $50 fee for the weekend. If you select this glamping option, we will room you in the Heritage House depending on hotel availability.

About Parent-Youth Adventure Weekends (Canoe, Rappel & Climb, and Horse)

Parent-Youth Adventure Weekends are a time for a parent and child to get away from regular life and have fun connecting through games, high adventure, campfires, worship, and devotions. Designed for one parent and one child (ages 8-14, see specific weekend details for further age requirements), these weekends are an opportunity to build memories that will last a lifetime. Activities will vary depending on the adventure, but all of them will include a great time and great fellowship!

Parent-Youth Adventure Weekends start with dinner on arrival day in the Heritage House dining room and finish with lunch two days later in the Heritage House dining room, and you and your child will enjoy meals around the campfire throughout the rest of the weekend. Adventure Weekend participants lodge in cabins at Camp Caleb Basecamp or Outpost, though lodging at Heritage House is available for an additional fee for Horse Adventure Weekends. Be sure to note the dates listed below as some Adventure Weekends span Thursday to Saturday while others span Friday to Sunday.

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