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Lt Col Paul Homan, USAF (Ret.), PhD: “Science and the Bible

About the Topic: Science is often upheld in our society today as the ultimate truth. As Christians, we know the ultimate source for truth is God’s Word (John 17:17). So, does modern science contradict or affirm the Bible? In this series, we will look at what science is and provide an interpretive lens to view “modern science” based upon a biblical worldview. A host of current scientific and biblical topics will be touched on including creation, evolution, climate change, and the Genesis Flood.

About the Speaker:  Dr. Paul Homan and his wife Janee are long-time OCFers and are the OCF USAFA Staff Couple at USAFA since his retirement from the Air Force in 2022. They met in the OCF cadet ministry while attending the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in 2000. They have served within OCF by leading small group bible studies at numerous bases over their career and have served on the USAFA cadet OCF ministry team twice. Janee separated from the Air Force in 2006 and now spends most of her time raising their four children (Ben -19, Emily – 17, Matthew – 14, and Sara -9) as well as running a successful property management business.

Dr. Homan is a former meteorologist in the Air Force and retired Director of Meteorology at the United States Air Force Academy. He was drawn to the study of God’s Creation at an early age and is an avid outdoorsman, runner, hiker, and skier. He is a regular speaker on the topic of Climate Change in both secular and church forums. Dr. Homan served as a Squadron Commander, an advisor to the Iraqi Air Force, and worked on several international research initiatives during his career in the Air Force, and holds a BS, MS, and PhD in Meteorology.

Concurrent Programs Available: Camp Caleb Day Camp on June 13 (2nd-3rd grade), Camp Caleb Adventure (5th-6th grade), Camp Caleb Challenge (7th-8th grade) and Allegheny Outback! (9th-12th grade) NO Horsemanship Day Camp & Camp Camp Junior (3rd-4th grade) week-long camp available this week

A five-day traditional summer camp program with age-specific programs for rising 2nd-8th graders, Camp Caleb brings military youth into an authentic personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to strengthen their own family and peer relationships, and to prepare them for standing for Jesus Christ as teenagers.

A six-day program for rising 9th graders through recent high school graduates, Allegheny Outback! challenges teens to develop their very own personal knowledge of God by modeling Christ in real-life situations with plenty of adventure along the way.

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