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Is spiritual warfare real? Episode 35

2023-04-13T15:09:29-06:00Categories: Episodes, Spiritual Warfare|

Today, we’re talking about spiritual warfare, and our guest is MG Kurt Fuller, USA (Ret.). MG Fuller served 26 years as a paratrooper, 12 years in the Ranger Regiment, and 6 years in combat, including Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, Haiti, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Being a spiritual point man

2018-06-23T17:39:13-06:00Categories: Spiritual Warfare|

There may be times when you're discouraged, when your spiritual strength and confidence may be shaken, or when you grow tired from the high spiritual operational tempo. Do not lose hope!

Combat Readiness

2018-06-26T08:18:58-06:00Categories: Spiritual Warfare|

We must renew our commitment to study, discuss, pray over, and apply God’s Word to every aspect of our lives, knowing that we have the victory in Christ.

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