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Living abundantly. We all long for a life of purpose, intention, and joy. We also long to see the results of our actions, glimpses of the difference we make in the world. In the middle of our everyday routines from pt to office work, doing laundry to preparing meals, we can get caught up in simply getting by – with abundant life seeming an impossible idea. In John 10:10, Jesus tells us he came to give us life and life to the full, or “in abundance.” This abundant life isn’t for sometimes or only in certain circumstances, it’s in the everyday routines and ongoing commitments. Together, we’ll dig into how we live this abundant life, while building relationships that encourage us in the journey.

White Sulphur Springs Conference Center is hosting the annual Leading Women Retreat for uniformed women, whether past, present, or future. The weekend will feature speaker sessions, great meals provided by WSS’ kitchen, and free time activities like horseback rides and time around the campfire in the scenic Allegheny Mountains. Bring another uniformed woman in order to influence our service members for the sake of the gospel!

What others are saying about Leading Women Retreats:

“I came because it said, ‘Uniformed, Christian, and woman,’ and I didn’t care what the topic was, I just knew I needed to be here.”

-Guest, OCFLW at Spring Canyon

“In my job, I’m often the only Christian and/or the only woman in the room. When I’m with other women, more often than not, they either don’t share my faith and/or understand my professional calling. And when I’m at church, although we are unified in Christ and that far surpasses any other difference, my schedule/lifestyle simply doesn’t always align with others in a manner that can unfortunately inhibit deeper relationships. At events like Leading Women, I don’t have to translate. Every woman present innately understands the things I struggle to explain elsewhere, and every woman present can navigate the joys, comedies, and difficulties of this life together.”

-LTJG Brigit Jogan, USCG

About the speaker:

Kori Yates is the Founder and Director of Planting Roots, a growing organization building a community of Christian military women and wives worldwide. Also an author and speaker, Kori is a former Marine and current Army wife. With passion to “live for real” (John 10:10) in all the places God plants them, she has found military life as the adventure she never planned, but one she would also never trade. She is married to Kyle, an active duty Soldier, and is a mom to two children. The Yates family currently lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

About the organizer:

Tami Waring is a 1984 graduate from the United States Air Force Academy. She served for 5 years in the AF as a Space Systems Analyst in Intel. After separating from the AF she followed her AF husband, Hous, around for over 24 years of his career. Tami and Hous have nine children and 18 grandchildren, spread out in eight states. She homeschooled all her children and just sent the last child off to college in July of 2022. Currently Tami works for Officers’ Christian Fellowship (OCF) as the Staff Representative for Women’s Ministry. She enjoys reading and knitting in her free time. She can be reached at [email protected].

Cost: Meals and Lodging: $93/adult/night

We want anyone to come who desires to attend. Please contact Tami if you have a financial need.

Discount: There is a $50 discount for military members and former service women.

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