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Last Updated on January 24, 2024 by OCF Communications

Join us for a weekend of encouragement, fellowship, and activities. A children’s program is provided while you participate in the speaker sessions. The program will begin with dinner on Friday evening at 6 p.m. and extend through lunch on Sunday. Saturday evening will include a date night dinner and couples evening. Bring nice clothes (smart casual) for that evening.

Valentine’s Getaway 2024 Theme: “Marriage- Creation to Consummation”

Session #1 (Friday night): Creation. For what purposes did God create the ordinance of marriage? Knowing God’s good design for our marriages can better equip us to live out His calling for us as husbands & wives.

Session #2 (Saturday Morning): Fall. How did the entry of sin into the world affect the marriage of our first parents (Adam and Eve), and how does it affect our marriages today? Being aware of how sin affects our marriages can help us be better prepared for the inevitable conflict we experience in marriage.

Session #3 (Saturday Evening): Redemption. How is God at work in our marriages, to bring about the redemption that Christ offers us in the Gospel? Seeing how Christ redeems sinners, and sinners covenanted together in marriage, gives us Gospel hope to continue to work at our marriages when the going gets tough.

Session #4 (Sunday Morning): Consummation. What are our marriages ultimately meant to point to, and when will we experience this reality? Seeing where Christ is leading His people gives us ultimate hope to persevere, knowing all the while He’s preserving us for none other than…Himself!

Speaker: John McCombs – see our Valentine’s Getaway page for full speaker details.

Valentine’s Getaway Pricing: $91/adult/night, $46/teen (ages 13-17)/night, $34/youth (ages 3-12)/night, and no charge for ages 0-2. A separate conference fee of $75 (couple) or $100 (family) covers special meals and events throughout the weekend. Big families pay only for the 4 oldest children (minors only). Guests are welcome to add a bouquet of roses onto their reservation for an additional fee of $50/bouquet.

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