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Contact: COL Bill & Maria Montgomery, III, USA (Ret) Email: OCF contacts are available to provide local information.

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Aberdeen Proving Ground (Phillips AAF)

Hospitality Home : CPT Aaron and Darla Spence, USA, Email:, Cell: (910) 603-9837, We can accommodate approximately 10 people. My wife and I have 4 children and a small...

 Hospitality Home /  Aberdeen Proving Ground (Phillips AAF)

Local Leader: Steve Prior, Email: Patricia.Prior@GMail.Com, Cell: (301) 675-0747, Day & Time: Sun @ 18:30 Dinner at 18:30 and study starts at 19:00. Location: Building 1631 Dayroom (Brookley Ave and...

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Andrews Air Force Base

Contact : LT Will and Mrs. Sarah Parker , USN Email: Phone: (720) 341-6672 Happy to help you get connected and plugged in to the Annapolis area! Feel free...

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Annapolis

Hospitality Home: Maj Jonathan and April Bryant, USMC Email: Additional Information: Can provide an overnight stay AND a meal. Can accommodate one family. Located in Davidsonville, MD. Just give...

 Hospitality Home /  Annapolis

Hospitality Home: Chris and Amy Landis Email: Phone: (585) 590-0527 Additional Information: Can accommodate 2 for overnight, 8 plus for a meal. We have no pets. 4 young children,...

 Hospitality Home /  Fort Meade

Hospitality Home: COL Tom Belote, USAR(Ret) Email:, Phone: (301) 542-4461, Can provide an overnight stay and a meal for 2 guest.

 Hospitality Home /  Maryland

Contact: LCDR Mark & Mary-Blake Summerlin,USN, Email:, OCF contacts are available to provide local information.

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Patuxent River Naval Air Station

Local Leader: CDR Joe & Kristi Chiaravallotti, USN (Ret) Email:, Day & Time: Mon 1900, Meets at Leader's home

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Silver Spring

Field Staff: CAPT James & Juli Baca, USNR Email: Multiple studies for Midshipmen

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Annapolis

Area Coordinator: Colonel Gilbert & Rita Harvey, USAF, Email:, Phone: (315) 380-1072 or 315-380-1071, Day & Time: 2nd Thurs of each month, 1900 - 1945, Meets at leader's home,...

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Waldorf