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Coordinator: Lt Col Tom Falconer, USAF (Ret), Email: [email protected], Cell: (719)661-2442, Region: New Mexico State University/University of Texas- El Paso to University of Wyoming to University of Utah and Texas...

 ROTC /  Rocky Mountain ROTC

Local Leader: Col Tony & Tracy Abernathy, USAF, Email: [email protected], Day & Time: This is a Cadet Bible study currently meeting  on Sundays @ 1430.

 ROTC /  Auburn University

ROTC Contact: Rob Allen Email: [email protected] Cell: 864.884.7996 Day & Time: TBD

 ROTC /  Clemson University

Contact: LTC Jan Bertholf, USA (Ret) Email: [email protected] OCF contacts are available to provide local information.

 ROTC /  Colorado State University (Fort Collins)

Local Leaders:  Cadet Chase Kuhlman, USA and  Cadet Benedict Andrew Pridgen , USA Email:  [email protected]    or       an[email protected], Phone:  (352) 453-9134    or   (404) 542-1511 Day & Time: ...

 ROTC /  South Carolina

Local Leader: LTC John & Laura Cross, USA (Ret), Email: [email protected], Cell: (785) 492-1477, Day & Time: Thur 1830, Campus based ministry for Cadets

 ROTC /  Illinois State University

Local Leader: CDT Avery Rogers, Email: [email protected] Day & Time: Wed 8:00 p.m., Meets at Leader's home, contact for information.

 ROTC /  Indiana University

Local Leader: LTC Tom Bowen, USA (Ret), Email: [email protected], Cell: 205.393.5440, Day & Time: Fri 7pm, Meets at the Marion Military Institute Cadet Chapel, starts 24 Aug. This is a...

 ROTC /  Marion Military Institute

Local Leader: LTC Ralph Stutzman, USA (Ret) Email: [email protected] This is a CDT/MIDN Bible study.

 ROTC /  Notre Dame

ROTC Local Leader: LTC Gwynn & Kit Vaughan, USA (Ret) Email: [email protected] Day & Time: Wednesday @ 1800 Converse Hall CDT/MID

 ROTC /  Ohio State University

ROTC Team Leader: Rev Fred Butterfield, USN (Ret) Email: [email protected] Phone:  703-915-9799 Oversees weekly Bible studies; contact for details.

 ROTC /  Regent University

ROTC Ministry : Dr. Larry D. Sherbondy Lt Col, USAF (Ret) Director of ROTC Ministry Email: [email protected], Cell: (719) 761-1924

 ROTC /  Pennsylvania

Local Leader: CPT Matthew Bang, USA, Email: [email protected], Cell: (210) 819-8537, ROTC cadet focus for UTSA and St. Mary's. Contact for info

 ROTC /  San Antonio Area ROTC

ROTC Contact: Dr. David W. Preston Email: [email protected] OCF contacts are available to provide local information.

 ROTC /  Texas A&M University

ROTC Contact: LtCol Theodore N. Hamilton, USMC (Ret) Email: [email protected] Day & Time: Varies , Contact for details Meets in Ash II LLC, 4th floor. Leading the study: Bryce and...

 ROTC /  Texas A&M University

Local Leader: CDT Connor Cline Army ROTC Email: [email protected] Phone:(210) 287-2300 Day and Time: For the Spring 2021 semester, we meet from 1800 to 2030 on Friday nights. Because there...

 ROTC /  Colorado Springs

Local Leader: Cadet Nathan Leusink, USAF (ROTC) Phone: (719) 426-1035 Email: [email protected] Day and Time : For the Spring 2021 semester, we meet from 1800 to 2030 on Friday nights....

 ROTC /  University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Local Leader: Lt Col Tom Falconer, USAF (Ret) Email: [email protected], This is a CDT/MIDN Bible study which meets at the leader's home.

 ROTC /  Colorado Springs

ROTC Contact: LTC Stephen Schmidt, USA, Email: [email protected], Cell: (913) 680-7837, OCF contacts are available for local information.

 ROTC /  University of Kentucky

Contact: CH (MAJ) Jason B. Palmer, USA (Ret), Email: [email protected], OCF contacts are available to provide local information.

 ROTC /  University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Local Leader: MIDN, Seth Albritton, USMCR, Email:: [email protected], Phone: 601-813-3020, Day & Time: Tuesday Nights at 8 pm Contact for bible study Zoom details. Co-ed Group for anyone in the...

 ROTC /  University of Mississippi

ROTC Local Leader: Maj. Gary & Sandy Walker, USAF (Ret) Email: [email protected] Contact for info: CDT/MID

 ROTC /  University of Nevada (Las Vegas)

Contact: LTC Steve Howe, USA, Email: [email protected], OCF contact for cadets at U of New Hampshire

 ROTC /  University of New Hampshire

ROTC Local Leader: Maj Mike Piirto, USMC (Ret) Email: [email protected] Cadet/Midshipman Bible study and fellowship Additional contact: LTC Al Underwood, USA, [email protected]

 ROTC /  University of Virginia

Local Leader: Robert McMasters Email: [email protected] Day & Time: Thursday @  1200 Cadets meet in Crozet Hall

 ROTC /  Virginia Military Institute