Contact: LTC Leroy Hurt, USA (Ret), Email:, This is an ROTC contact.

 ROTC /  U Alabama - Tuscaloosa

Local Leader: CPT Matthew Bang, USA, Email:, Cell: (210) 819-8537, ROTC cadet focus for UTSA and St. Mary's. Contact...

 ROTC /  San Antonio Area ROTC

Contact: MIDN Daniel Vandiver, USN, Email:, Day & Time: Wed 0730, Meeting on campus at the East Commons.

 ROTC /  Pennsylvania State University

Contact: LTC Steve Howe, USA, Email:, OCF contact for cadets at U of New Hampshire

 ROTC /  University of New Hampshire

Local Leader: COL Carl Pinkham, USA (Ret), Email:, Multiple studies available for the cadets please contact for location, day...

 ROTC /  Norwich University

Local Leader: CDT Zachary Brown, USA, Email:, Day & Time: Wed 8:00 p.m., Meets at Leader's home, contact for...

 ROTC /  Indiana University

Local Leader: Haylie Burkit, Email:, This is a cadet/midshipman group that meets on campus. Please contact for time and...

 ROTC /  Saint Joseph's University

Local Leader: Robert McMasters, Email:, Day & Time: Thur 1200, Cadets meet in Crozet Hall, upper level.

 ROTC /  Virginia Military Institute

Local Leader: Brandon Johnson, Email:, Phone: (909) 436-8011, Day & Time: Fri 1545, contact for location

 ROTC /  California State University (Sacramento)

Local Leader: LTC Tom Bowen, USA (Ret), Email:, Cell: 205.393.5440, Day & Time: Fri 7pm, Meets at the Marion...

 ROTC /  Marion Military Institute

OCF ROTC Associate Field Staff: LTCs Greg and Lucy Lane, USAR (Ret) Email: Cell: 931.217.0024

 ROTC /  Clarksville

ROTC Local Leader: CDT Rebecca Akrong, USA Email: Day & Time: Sun Meets on campus, contact for information

 ROTC /  Shippensburg University

Local Leader: CDT Caroline Wooten Email: Day & Time: Thur 2015 ROTC Golden Buffalo Battalion meets on campus

 ROTC /  Denver Area ROTC

Local Leader: LTC Greg Lane, USAR (Ret) & LTC Lucy Lane, USAR (Ret) Email: Day & Time: Wed 1600...

 ROTC /  Austin Peay State University

ROTC Local Leader: Maj Mike Piirto, USMC (Ret) Email: Cadet/Midshipman Bible study and fellowship Additional contact: LTC Al Underwood,...

 ROTC /  University of Virginia

ROTC Team Leader: CDR Clay Thomas, USN (Ret) Email:

 ROTC /  Regent University

ROTC Team Leader: LTCs Greg and Lucy Lane, USAF (Ret) Email: The Annual Eastern ROTC Retreat is the first...

 ROTC /  East Coast ROTC

ROTC Contact: LtCol Theodore N. Hamilton, USMC (Ret), Email: Day & Time: Wed 1900-2030, Meets in Ash II LLC,...

 ROTC /  Texas A&M University

ROTC Contact: Rob Allen Email: Cell: 864.884.7996 Day & Time: TBD

 ROTC /  Clemson University

ROTC Local Leader: LTC Gwynn & Kit Vaughan, USA (Ret) Email: Day & Time: Thur at 1900 Converse Hall...

 ROTC /  Ohio State University

ROTC/Local Leader: COL & Mrs. William T. Wiseman, USA (Ret) Day & Time: Fri 1900 during school year Email:

 ROTC /  East Carolina University

ROTC Local Leader: Maj. Gary & Sandy Walker, USAF (Ret) Email: Contact for info: CDT/MID

 ROTC /  University of Nevada (Las Vegas)

Local Leader: LTC Bruce K. Bell, USA (Ret) Email: Co-leader is LTC David Dinsmore,

 ROTC /  Liberty University

Local Leader: Mrs. Dee Dillon Email: Contact for info

 ROTC /  James Madison University

Local Leaders: CPT Matt Hoover, USAR & CW3 Tricia L. Hoover, USAR Email: Cadet/Midshipman fellowship meets in Reston, contact...

 ROTC /  George Mason University

Local Leader: LTC Ralph Stutzman, USA (Ret) Email: This is a CDT/MIDN Bible study.

 ROTC /  Notre Dame

Local Leader: Randy and Beth Carey, LTC, USA, retired, Email:, Phone: (630) 926-6308, Day & Time: Sun 1600-1730 This...

 ROTC /  Wheaton College

Local Leader: CDT Kyle Rits, USAF Email: This is a CDT/MIDN Bible study which meets at the University.

 ROTC /  University of Central Florida

Local Leader: Lt Col Tom Falconer, USAF (Ret) Email: This is a CDT/MIDN Bible study which meets at the...

 ROTC /  Colorado Springs

Contact: LTC Jan Bertholf, USA (Ret) Email: OCF contacts are available to provide local information.

 ROTC /  Colorado State University (Fort Collins)

Local Leader: COL Bobby New, USA (Ret) Email: Day & Time: Sunday evening, Group meets at New Heights Church

 ROTC /  University of Arkansas

Local Leader: Lt Col Kent Wong, USAF (Ret) Email: OLDARMY86@GMAIL.COM Day & Time: Every other Wed 1900 OCF/Valor Cadets. Contact...

 ROTC /  University of Alaska/Anchorage

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