How ya doing? Do you really care?

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Who will you meet today in an unexpected encounter, whether in a combat area, passageway, flight line, or on drills and maneuvers? And what will you say—and hear? In your command, how will you show Christ in your servant leadership?

What is OCF?

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It’s not unusual to hear people ask, “What is OCF?” or “What does OCF do?” They may wonder if OCF is a club of officers like-minded in their Christian faith, or just the local Bible study fellowship they attend.

Perspectives on servant leadership

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The term “servant leadership” evokes a varied range of impressions as to what that really means, looks like, and how it plays out in real life. At first glance, the seemingly incongruous servant leadership concept appears especially contrary in business settings or military circles where typically bosses lead, employees serve.

Six ways to follow Jesus’ example and become a transformational leader

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Transformational leaders help people understand the purpose, objectives and values of an organization by articulating a clear and appealing vision. From both a practical and biblical perspective, transformational leadership inspires, develops and empowers followers; it also hones our leadership skills so we become better leaders.

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How do others see you?

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How do others see you fulfilling your dual commissions? Do they see a leader who cares for them with the heart of Jesus, who is humble, grace-filled and selfless, and who ultimately serves the One and only Lord? As you serve your nation and serve your Lord, you will have ample opportunities to shine the Light of Christ through your love and service to others.

Leadership Q&A

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Jesus has called us to take a stand in such a time as this. Laying low, and compromising are outside of our calling.

What Are You Reading?

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When I was on the faculty of the Army War College one of my favorite questions to ask visiting senior leaders, was "What are you reading right now?"

What’s Your Altitude

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Did you know that your altitude determines your attitude? Jesus, the highest being there ever was and ever will be, voluntarily lowered Himself.


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There are no guarantees that any of us will be promoted. But we do have the assurance that we can rest in Him.

Three Looks

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As Christian officers desiring to exercise biblical leadership -- faced with constant flux and in the process of growing in our capacity to lead -- how can we best prepare for our next leadership role?


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Good commands all have one thing in common -- a healthy atmosphere of respect for authority.