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About the Narrator

An Army ROTC grad from Tennessee Tech University, serving both on active duty and in the reserves, Lucy is a retired U.S. Army Reserve LTC and works for the Army’s 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) at Fort Campbell, KY. She and her husband, Greg, are OCF Associate Field Staff for ROTC and are involved with local OCF Bible Studies on the local college campus and at Fort Campbell. Lucy accepted Christ as Savior in high school and is growing to let Him be Lord in every area of life.

This episode narrated by LTC Lucy Lane, USAR (Ret.)

When you know you have created a mess, how do you reverse it?

Today’s Scripture reading comes from 1 Chronicles 21:1, quoting from the NASB:

“Then Satan stood up against Israel and moved David to number Israel.”

Have you ever been checked in your spirit to rectify an ill-advised decision that disregarded unintended consequences, but you pushed ahead with it anyway? I know I have, and so did David. In spite of rational counsel by David’s most trusted leader and warrior, David did not change his decision to conduct a census to determine the number of Israelite citizens under his leadership. David’s action was not only displeasing to Joab, but it also displeased God.

When you know you have created a mess, how do you reverse it? Here’s an answer—follow David’s example. Humble yourself, repent, and submit to God. When forcing a short sighted decision, perhaps what is really happening is the lust of the flesh rebelling against the divine promptings of the Holy Spirit’s guidance: “Your ears will hear a word behind you, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’ whenever you turn to the right or to the left.”

Most decisions have consequences, and David was in great distress over the unintended consequences his decision had brought on his nation. His foolish actions resulted in 70,000 slain and created the real possibility of additional death and destruction had the Lord not halted the full consequences. David repented of his sin and appealed to God for mercy.

Does David’s rash act resonate with you? Have you made an error in judgment by insisting things go your way? Perhaps you are presently in the midst of unintended consequences from a rash decision. If so, follow David’s example.

Points to Ponder

Over the next week, here are 3 points to ponder during your personal time of reflection or with a small group or mentor.

  • First, humbly admit your sin and take responsibility for the role you played.
  • Second, commend and trust yourself to the hands of a merciful God who is concerned for you and for those He has entrusted to you.
  • Third, adjust your course and get back on track with the heart of a servant leader, putting the needs of others ahead of your own.