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Leadership Came Naturally

[…]well to understand his style, and as God gives us grace, emulate it. I first met Second Lieutenant Tom Hemingway, USMC, in the OCF bookstore in the fall of 1961. Located just outside Gate Three at the Naval Academy, the place was a haven for Middies trapped for the year and choosing between “books, walks, sports” or “sports, walks and books,” with an occasional movie thrown in on Saturday night. It was late November and I was a rising Youngster (Sophomore), just getting used to a little freedom after Plebe year. Officers were like gods. Plebes were trained to salute […]

Time, Talent, Treasure: Academies

[…]on their faithful teams of volunteers to make ministry happens. Such “force multipliers,” as Tom calls them, are also long serving, such as Dr. R. David and Mary Ann Hampton, whose fifteen years of service includes the USMA OCF tenures of Mike Tesdahl and Barry Willey, as well as Tom. These dedicated team members of active duty and retired military and civilians-more than thirty-five at both USMA and USNA-who come alongside in support of the OCF field staff at the academies, are spurred by “the love of Christ,” compelling them to share “the hope that lies within them, ‘” said […]
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