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The Role of Faith

[…]only practical escape from this vicious cycle of anxiety is a spiritual one: trust in God. . . . Faith and trust differ from human optimism or self-confidence in that they are not the result of human effort or reliance upon anything within ourselves.”3 Paap is convinced that faith is the most important factor that determines how a family facing the crisis of deployment or war will deal with its members’ fears. People often turn to God during crisis. In the media coverage during recent missions, there were constant public references to prayer and looking to God for help. Faith […]

Soldiers of Faith: Washington

[…]of New York, the attack on Trenton, and the disastrous fall of Philadelphia, Washington’s faith and determination were the key ingredients that prevented his command from disintegrating. Choosing an encampment near Philadelphia to keep guard on the British, Washington exerted his moral will on the soldiers at Valley Forge. Amidst the lack of pay, food and clothing, only Washington could have prevailed. He even designed the winter quarters to his exact specification, thus ensuring his men could survive the winter weather. Army Surgeon James Thacher wrote, the commander-in-chief, ” . . . whom every soldier venerates and loves, manifests a […]

Superhero’s Faith

[…]easily so I never wanted to fly like him, but I always dreamed of being as strong and bold and fast and cool as Superman was. Most of the time, I felt like the dorky Clark Kent instead, but the boy in me longed to be Superman. For the majority of my childhood, I felt like a weak little pip-squeak with nerdy glasses, but sometimes I would put my “blanky” around my neck and run around the house like Superman. I loved having fun like that. But then I got older. I stopped using my imagination. I let the pressures […]
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