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Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers

[…]do, or something God intended to be done isn’t being done. COLOSSIANS 3.23, ROMANS 12:11. Your work has intrinsic value to God. He expects you to do your best in your work (not necessarily to be the best among your peers). A specific uniqueness of OCF is that we encourage our members to see their work as their ministry, not a place of competition. The concluding section of this booklet speaks to this. THESE PRIORITIES will often seem to compete for your time and attention. There will be a time when your work will place extremely stressful and lengthy demands […]
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Service Separations

[…]to begin with) can strengthen another. Accept separations as a challenge! Don’t let them work against you; make them work for you! Marriages can grow even though husband and wife are separated by distance. If nothing else, separations force you to focus on the major good qualities of your mate, rather than his minor idiosyncrasies. When you are with a person all the time, little things like socks on the floor or newspapers scattered all over become progressively irritating. It’s easy to start taking each other for granted. Sometimes a few weeks of separation help to get perspectives back in […]
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