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OCF and Leadership

[…]PWOC, et al.) by exercising our gifts of leadership. That means we need to understand and practice servant leadership. Leadership doesn’t mean we look for someone else to do the work. Servant leadership may mean sweeping the floor after the potluck. An Air Force major doing finances for the OCF Europe conference is exercising leadership. Coast Guard cadets running the children’s program at White Sulphur Springs Conference Center during the Easter retreat are exercising leadership. A colonel who has been selected for promotion to brigadier general acting as the registrar for a LEAD! is exercising leadership. An area coordinator organizing […]

Leadership Came Naturally

[…]every organization both gave to, and demanded from, the individual. That was the condition of his servant leadership style. Specifically, a commitment to the goals of the organization and willingness to serve. He was a man of faith whose self-reliance was based on a combination of his developed capabilities, but primarily a belief that even in combat God was in control. He was a builder, not only in ministry for OCF but also physically. The month he died he had just finished supervising the construction of the second house he and Sarah built, in Charleston. The first he built in […]

Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers

[…]to teach you also, both professionally and spiritually. Appendix: Three Styles of Senior Spiritual Leadership DIRECT LEADERSHIP This entails being the lead and front man at an installation and actively coordinating the activities of the OCF. If the ministry is multi-faceted, this type of leadership will be shared with other members, some of whom are junior officers, and it will involve discipleship of other leaders. This is applied where direct senior leadership is appropriate and required–when there is a need for a senior leader–when there is no other OCF leadership available that is capable either by experience or rank to […]
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