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It Didn’t Surprise God

[…]He could take her into eternity. Should this fear be realized, God is still the same faithful God of blessing. Blessings will still fill my life. I am sure they would be different, but certainly present. I think of Kip, my valued friend, whose wife lost her battle with cancer. I wonder why he must bear that pain while I was spared. I have no human answer-it’s certainly not because I’m more deserving. God sovereignly chose different paths of blessing for me and for Kip. I don’t know why, but I choose to be grateful for the days He has […]

WSS Winter Retreat #4

[…]way? Do the Scriptures speak of a balanced life where we can successfully weigh out personal, professional, marriage, parental, and spiritual responsibilities against one another? Let’s wrestle this out together. Click here to […]
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