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How does the Lord see you?

[…]since graduating years earlier. The other fellow talked about how Wheaton had prepared him for his current ministry as a pastor. But in hearing about the lieutenant colonel’s current position, the pastor sighed, what a waste of a Christian education! The lieutenant colonel, knowing perfectly well how God sees and called him, countered with the ways his military service enables him to daily impact lives, feeling God’s pleasure in doing so: counseling a young man on a gun turret about issues at home, or ensuring a family is being cared for during a deployment. The officer’s point—feeling God’s pleasure wherever […]

Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers

[…]goals. Do you agree that your promotion and position are from God? How can you actively use your current position and rank to glorify God? What does He expect from you? 4. Attitude A BRIEF look at Peter helps us understand the requirements for a godly attitude, particularly in positions of significant responsibility. Peter had many of the qualities we expect in a military leader. He quickly became a leader among the disciples and often dominated the scene. He was direct, active and decisive. He often was the first to respond to Christ, not only for himself but also on […]
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