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Leadership Came Naturally

by John A. Knubel For Tom Hemingway, leadership was a natural result of who he was. He was a committed Christian, who lived his faith and wore it as naturally as he did his clothes. It determined his leadership style as a family man, Marine and minister of the Gospel. We would do well to understand his style, and as God gives us grace, emulate it. I first met Second Lieutenant Tom Hemingway, USMC, in the OCF bookstore in the fall of 1961. Located just outside Gate Three at the Naval Academy, the place was a haven for Middies trapped […]

Question Authority

[…]said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me” (John 11:41-42). I had a friend who, in response to matters he did not understand or was reluctant to accept, would say: “I am content to leave this in the hands of a sovereign God.” What a great response! As we walk and lead by faith, fulfilling God’s mission, may we entrust our ways and life’s circumstances to Him.   Copyrighted by Officers’ Christian Fellowship and Larry Simpson. For personal reflection and growth. Not for […]

Share this spiritual gift with your teen

[…]AWESOME! Picture time. Tonight’s lesson: reject social and spiritual passivity. “Chicago” (John) gets the chicken! Later that night it rains and the tent sounds like a cathedral. I listen to my son’s snoring sounds. So grateful for this time. Good breakfast, packed gear, drove to our camp site. Pitched tents, staff is fired up, everyone is fired up. The boys go exploring for a bit. Young warriors, fearing nothing. Later, the staff takes most of the group up into the mountains to a trail. Andy leads us on; beautiful country here. The trail parallels a small stream. Beaver dams near […]
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