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Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers

[…]your spouse GENESIS 2:24. (also quoted by Paul in Ephesians 5:31) Upon marriage, God looks at husband and wife as one flesh. This is the next most important relationship after their relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Marriage partners should continually reflect on the dimensions of: 1) leaving, 2) cleaving, and 3) being one flesh. This relationship needs constant attention in the demanding environment of senior leadership. EPHESLANS 5:21-33. How are we to love our spouses? This Scripture sets forth some of God’s primary commands for marital relationships, as follows: Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ (vs. […]
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Support Your Chaplain

[…]chaplain or the chapel ministry. We encourage you, as a participant in OCF, to consider carefully and prayerfully how you can be an active member of the chapel congregation at your base, post, camp, or ship. Also consider how you can support your unit chaplain’s ministry such as Bible studies or fellowship activities on the flight-line, in the ward room, or in the barracks. There are a few considerations that might cause you to worship and be involved somewhere other than the chapel. But we would hope, as you seek to be used by the Lord spiritually, as well as […]

First Bible Studies

[…]above point, this study is a great introduction for your group to have a follow-on Pray, Discover, and Obey (also see the Pray, Discover and obey Leader’s guide). The obvious next step would be to schedule a “Pray and Obey” where you would draw aside for a “season” of prayer to ask God to show you how He sees your installation (the walls of Jerusalem), and in prayer, discern His leading as you progress from a concern for others in the military, to a burden, then to a vision and finally to a plan. Leader’s Preparation In preparation for a group […]
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