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Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers

[…]my faith? We are asking you to honestly consider this before God. The six sections that follow address the topics of priorities, position, attitude, vision, role and integration. Prayerful study and reflection upon them will help you determine godly responses to your new rank and duties. These sections contain scriptural studies applicable to both your professional and spiritual life. They will help you address all the complexity involved in the considerable responsibilities of senior national service, how it impacts on your family, and your ultimate responsibility to your Creator and Savior. Use this handbook with your Bible during your daily […]
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Leadership by Example

[…]exercises within the mind and the soul. I have learned over the years that the best way to address them is to work on what you can know about yourself and your preparations, rather than on what you cannot know. Soldiers cannot predict in advance their performance in battle, but in a very clearheaded way, informed by the experiences of the millions who have gone before, they can focus on who they must be, and from that character what they must be able to do, to be successful in combat, to meet the officers’ obligations as warriors, as servants, as […]

Three Words

[…]College chapel. He has been active in OCF since coming to Christ as a West Point Plebe in 1960. Address by Colonel Alexander Shine, United States Army, Retired, at the USMA OCF spiritual commissioning ceremony, USMA, 29 May 2005. Adapted from the August 2006 COMMAND magazine […]

Support Your Chaplain

[…]Paul Roush, USMC (Ret.). We soon realized we need an updated approach that will recognize and address the changes taking place in our more expeditionary military and in our chaplaincies. One suggestion to answer the question “How can OCF members support chaplains?” was, “Ask a chaplain!” We believe there is wisdom and truth in that approach. So this document is authored by a Navy chaplain, Captain Bill Weimer. It is written from the perspective of a chaplain and an OCF member, but it also expresses the ministry philosophy of OCF. It is axiomatic that OCF cannot accomplish its purpose and […]

Reignited Service

[…]alarm, or dread? Whatever your definition, that is the side of 2 Timothy 1:7 you need to address. My synonym for fear is anxious. I think I fear little, but I admit that I can get anxious about a thing or two. As recently as yesterday, I became anxious over an issue. Then I read 2 Timothy 1:1-14 for a full appreciation of Paul’s response to Timothy’s fear. Paul acknowledged that Timothy’s “sincere faith” (verse 5) was in need of a fresh rekindling (verse 6). God reminded me that dwelling within me is the antidote to fear, which is trust. […]

OCF Council Elections Now Underway

[…]qualified to vote will need their voting ID (your OCF member number–found on the COMMAND address label) and your voting password (your zip code). Members who cannot/prefer not to vote online may request a hard copy ballot from Susan Wallis at the OCF home office, 800-424-1984. Vote for as many as five candidates. Vote Yes or No for the proposed OCF Constitution change. At the spring council meeting in April, the Council passed the following motion to amend the Constitution: Motion: That the following amendment to the OCF Constitution be submitted to the membership for approval: “Replace the current OCF […]

Members: Cast your vote now for OCF Council

[…]Members qualified to vote will need their voting ID (your OCF membership number, found on the address label of your September COMMAND magazine) and voting password (your ZIP code). Vote for as many as five candidates. Members who cannot/prefer not to vote online can contact Susan Wallis at the OCF home office for a hard copy ballot: (800) 424-1984 or [email protected] Read more about each candidate below (listed in alphabetical order), or click here if you are ready to vote.   LtCol Hezekiah Barge, USMC  Education: Florida A&M, 1991, BS Computer Info Sys; Naval Postgraduate School, 2003, MS Info Sys […]

Finding certainty in an uncertain world

[…]heart and mind all play out in OCF through our eight Spiritual Pillars. Pillars four and five address our key principles of being a “lay-led” ministry where “integrating faith and profession” is exhorted to our members. I believe the ability to shine the light of Christ effectively in the most difficult of our military careers’ situations depends upon how well we live out God’s instructions through Paul’s letter to the Philippians. We live in a hurting world of people desperate for answers. As a Christian, you already have the answer—Christ in your heart. If you have successfully guarded your face, […]

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